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If you have a photograph that captures some recognizable block or neighborhood or landmark in the Bronx,
we would love to add it to our gallery. Here are details on submitting your pictures.

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New York Central Railroad as it ran through Van Cortlandt Park. Taken around 1940.

--Nat Friedman

This is a picture of my sister's boyfriend Marco Levy which was taken on Claremont Parkway in 1949. In the background you can see the Claremont Bar and the Park Avenue station. The Claremont Bar and the building above it are no longer there and neither is the Park Avenue Station. We used to live over the bar on the third floor and it was so nice to see the fire-escape we used to sit on during those hot summer nights.

--Marge Colon Kennedy

Pitching pennies in the Ovals on Mt. Eden Avenue, just west of Weeks Avenue. Pitching is Herbie Kavolsky and watching is Sam Zalma.

--Bill Fishman

A parade in 1938. Grand Concourse and 168th Street.

--Bill Fishman

This is a photo of the Concourse Plaza Hotel. This hotel in the Bronx is located on the corner of the Grand Concourse and 161st Street. The photographer was in front of the Bronx County Courthouse when the picture was taken. Just four blocks west of the hotel is Yankee Stadium, home of the world famous New York Yankees. This picture was taken circa early 1960's.

--David Johnson, Louisville, Kentucky

This picture was taken from the bridge over the New Haven RR tracks, looking south out over Tremont Avenue at Beach Avenue.....Candy Store, Ed Silvani's bike shop.....about 1950.

--Jesse Hendelman

This is a picture of me in my carriage in March of 1951. It was taken on the northwest corner of Mt. Eden Avenue and Walton Avenue, looking north on Walton. In the background you can see the Lewis Morris Apartments and the "rocks" where we played before the Cross-Bronx Expressway came through in 1960 or so. The buildings on the left are 1605 Walton and then 1615 Walton where I lived until I was 18 years old.

--Steven Morgan, Burgaw, NC

Someone asked about "The Embassy" in the Bronx. My Mom and my Dad had their wedding party there. I understand that The Embassy is no longer there. This picture shows Maretta and Joe Krista in front of the Embassy in the Bronx on October 12, 1940.

--Geri Kristapiazzi

This photo was taken from our apartment on 1807 Archer Street in 1965. Beach Avenue houses are on the left and Taylor Avenue houses are on the right. It was relatively quiet except for a few alley cats at night. The view from our living room faced a brick wall.

--Pat Dillon

This picture was taken in 1958 on the steps of St. Helena's Church, at Olmstead and Benedict Avenues on the occasion of my First Holy Communion. It was actually a posed picture, set up by the photographer, Paul Thayer, who was a well known New York City Fire Department buff and photographer. The parking lot in the background is the lot for what was then the Safeway Supermarket, which is now a funeral home. It was also used on Sunday for a parking lot of the numerous church goers. The row of stores further back are on Unionport Road, and consisted of Park Abbey Funeral Home, a bar, a fish store, and, on the corner, a candy store that was somewhat popular and convenient for lunches and after school snacks by a small crowd from St. Helena's, and cigarettes for "Father Mac." The big brick building in the background is on O'Dell Street, which terminated There, and went down into Parkchester at the other end. To the right, but out of the picture, at the corner of Westchester Avenue and Unionport Road, would have been another funeral home, Walter B. Cooke.

--Jim Fay

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