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If you have a photograph that captures some recognizable block or neighborhood or landmark in the Bronx,
we would love to add it to our gallery. Here are details on submitting your pictures.

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This was the front entrance to St. Nicholas of Tolentine Elementary School, 2335 University Avenue. The sign over the "BOYS" entrance to the right of center indicates a fund raiser from June 5th to June 19th, 1950, to "Help Finish The Church Of The Bronx." The goal was $100,000. The door to the left of center indicates "GIRLS." When I went there ('45-'53), I remember all the classes being co-ed. I don't remember using separate entrances. I vaguely recall forming up by class in two columns - boys in one, girls in the other - and entering the main entrance together. My younger brother, Steve, is standing between the cars looking toward my father's camera. He is all "suited up," so, I assume this was some kind of Sunday function, either before or after Mass.

--Michael J. Quinn

This is a view of LaFontaine Avenue looking at Crotona Park from between 178th and 179th Streets. It was taken in 1958.

--Earl Carter

This picture was taken Easter, 1966 at the intersection of Holland and Arnow Avenues, one block down from Allerton Avenue.

--Bob Newman

This photo was taken by my best friend, Steve Haimowitz, standing on the northeast corner of Decatur Avenue and Gun Hill Road, looking east towards the Third Avenue El, with a train coming westbound for that tricky southbound turn onto Webster Avenue; the White Plains station is visible in the far background. The photo was taken around 1971 or 1972. If you look carefully at the wooden post just to left of the word "Dine" on the storefront (the place sold dinette sets), you can just about make out the old oval "Esso" sign on the corner.

--Steve Springer, 3539 Decatur Avenue (then)

Taken in about 1949, I am standing near the corner of Morris Avenue and 164th Street. You can see the Fleetwood movie theater in the background with 165th Street beyond. Now playing! Greer Garson and Clarke Gable in Adventure plus "a top musical," Meet me on Broadway.

--Lila Freilicher

This photo was taken by Steve Zabel in March of 1970. This famous section of the 3rd Ave El structure with its graceful curved steel arches is at Mosholu Parkway and Webster Avenue, looking north. At this point the el structure on Webster Avenue passes over Mosholu Parkway which in turn passes over Webster Avenue. The original photo appears to be taken from the roof of the apartment house on Botonical Square (at Botonical Garden Station). Frisch Field would be below and to the right of the El. In the distance, from the right, are the apartment houses going west from Webster to Decatur, then Decatur Avenue, and then the apartment house 375 E. Mosholu on the other corner. The apartment house in the foreground is also a Mosholu Parkway address.

--Charles A. Warren of 3055 Decatur Ave.

This photo was taken on the corner of Washington Avenue and 174th Street in the Bronx, circa 1942, by Biagio Vivolo. This famous Bronx four-corners area included a bicycle repair shop, Barber Shop, Candy Store and the private home in this picture.

--Len Vivolo

This "Honor Roll Board" was erected by residents of West Farms to honor the men and women serving in the military during World War II.

--Herman Schaffel

This photo of my mom was taken in the late l940's on the aquaduct on University Avenue across the street from NYU.

--Barbara Reiner

This photo shows University Avenue, near P.S. 26 and facing towards Burnside Avenue. It was taken in 1955.

--Barbara Reiner

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