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If you have a photograph that captures some recognizable block or neighborhood or landmark in the Bronx,
we would love to add it to our gallery. Here are details on submitting your pictures.

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The cheese shop on 187th Street in Little Italy, between Arthur Avenue and Hoffman Street. This was taken in 1940. My mother always shopped in this place "for the love of formaggi."

--Paul H.

This photo was taken on the corner of 178th Street and LaFontaine Avenue. Notice the missing street sign. It was taken in 1957 and sent to me while I was stationed on Guam.

--Rick Rega

This is a photo that I took around 1953. I believe it's at the corner of Mapes Avenue and 180th Street. I lived on 2060 Mapes Avenue.

--Aaron Kroun

Here is a picture taken in 1947 at the corner of 171st Street and Longfellow Avenue. Notice the solid rubber tires on the truck.

--Stuart L. Rothman

The Highbridge Indians taking the field at Macombs Dam Park baseball field. This picture was taken in 1959. You can see the Jerome Avenue El in the background and all the huge apartment buildings running along Jerome Avenue.

--Steve Barry, Lawrenceville, Georgia

Editor's Note: the structure in the background appears to be the shuttle that connected the IRT 167th Street Station with the 155th Street-Polo Grounds Station in Manhattan. It extended from River Avenue and continued under the apartment buildings on Jerome, Anderson, and Ogden Avenues before crossing the Harlem River. The field in the picture is probably in John Mullaly Park, which was just north of 161st Street, and not Macombs Dam Park, which was directly behind Yankee Stadium and south of 161st Street.

This photo was taken on July 5, 1948, on Orchard Beach at post sixteen. It was a special day for us. That day I met the young lady that was to be my wife; she is the one flying.

--Sam P. Cuomo

This picture was taken in 1947, under the Highbridge in the park that ran alongside the Harlem River. The annual PAL picnic (thank you 44th Pct.) was an event that was looked forward to by all of us who grew up in the Highbridge neighborhood of the Bronx. All the hotdogs, sodas, and treats that a young girl or boy could want, and games and presents for everyone would make for a magical day. In the upper left you can see the N.Y. Central R.R. Highbridge station with the tracks running beneath. The trains still run along the Harlem River, up past Spuyten Duyvil then along the mighty Hudson River, on up to Albany and beyond. The old homes seen in the background were demolished to make way for the Major Deegan Expressway. I'm standing next to Bob Marco who is holding both of his hands on his chest. Behind us with his hand raised is I believe, Mario Barone. In the center rear Tom Costello, right hand on his hip is standing next to who I believe is Puddy Fiery, or maybe it's his brother, Tommy Fiery. In front of, and to the right of Tom Costello is my brother, Tommy Moccia. In the lower left, that cute-looking boy with the blond hair is Bobby Rascoll. And next to him with all those bangs is Patty Gilbert.

--Joe Moccia

Parkside Projects, in front of 635 Arnow Avenue with 640 Adee Avenue in the background prior to Adee Towers being built. This picture was taken approximately 1956.

--Lainie (Friedman) Whiteford, Tampa, Fl

This is a period photo (ca. 40s or 50s) of the Bronx Zoo entrance at Boston Post Road showing the sightseeing "train" that traversed the park.

--Charles A. Warren

This picture of my mom (far right) and friends was taken in 1965 on the corner of 169th Street and the Grand Concourse. The building in the background is 1290 Grand Councourse. The building also has a name but I cannot recall it.

--Steve Barry, Lawrenceville, Georgia

This picture of my brother was taken on an overpass above the Major Deegan Expressway in 1960. On the right, you can see the lower end of Sedgwick Avenue, abutting the expressway, and the beginning of University Avenue where it rises up into University Heights. In the background on the left, spanning the river, is the Highbridge that had a few years prior been closed to foot traffic, and Highbridge Tower.

--Marshall Fishman, from the Collection of Philip Fishman

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