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If you have a photograph that captures some recognizable block or neighborhood or landmark in the Bronx,
we would love to add it to our gallery. Here are details on submitting your pictures.

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This is a photograph of P.S. 9. The school was located at 138th Street and Brown Place. The building is no longer there. When I attended this school, the principal was Dr. Wachtel.

--Chuck Still

This photo of a horse drawn laundry wagon was taken on Valentine Avenue between 179th and 180th Streets in 1947. The homes are on the West Side of Valentine and are opposite my Grandparent's house at 2044 Valentine.

--Joe Joyce

This picture was taken in 1956 on Purdy Street in Parkchester, looking toward Metropolitan Avenue. The cop is my dad. I believe in those days he walked a beat in the area around Parkchester. St. Raymonds School would be to the left, out of the picture, and many of the young mothers in the neighborhood would wait on Purdy Street, gossiping while waiting for school to let out.

--Joe Joyce

This was a Fourth of July parade along the Grand Concourse in the early 1940's, looking uptown from my Aunt Pauline's window at 1244 Grand Concourse.

--Bill Fishman

This picture of my dear friend Gerardo was taken in 1956 on Claremont Parkway. In the background you can see the a small portion of P.S. 42 on the right, the corner of Washington Avenue in the background and the Third Avenue El. Those were the good old days.

--Margaret Colon Kennedy

This photo of my friends Maureen, Joan and me was taken in 1956 on the corner of Archer Street and Beach Avenue after a St. Anthony's school play. We are standing outside Doc. Adler's Pharmacy. In the background one can see "The Variety Shop", Maurice Ahearn's vacant liquor and shoe stores and another vacant store which I believe was a fruit and vegetable store. The entrance to the apartment building was on Beach Avenue. Miss Larkin, my 4th grade teacher lived there. My friends and I lived on Taylor which also intersected Archer Street.

--Patsy D.

This is a picture of my grandmother, Anna Kelly, taken in front of the Parkchester Bake Shop. The year, based on other photos found with it, would have been about 1956. I am not certain of the exact street location, perhaps someone can shed some light. The photo was captioned "Moma and her Jewish rolls on March 3"

--Chuck Jacobi

Editor's Note: Jay Garow adds: the bakery was on Starling Avenue.

Sandlot baseball in the lot behind De Witt Clinton. Taken about 1943.

--Nat Friedman

Jerome Avenue and Woodlawn being repaved. Picture taken around 1938.

--Nat Friedman

Waterfall in park at Pelham and Gun Hill Road. Taken around 1939. It was the only waterfall I know of in the Bronx.

--Nat Friedman

Editor's Note: I believe this may have been the waterfall on the Bronx River just north of the Snuff Mill in Botanical Gardens.

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