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  1. Purpose of this Message board
  2. How To Read Messages and Follow-ups
  3. How To Post New Messages
  4. How to Post A Follow-up To An Existing Message
  5. Your Message's Audience
  6. Erroneous or Unwanted Messages
  7. If You Don't See Your Message After Posting It
  8. Terms of Use
  9. Message Content Guidelines

  1. Purpose of This Message Board

    This board was developed to provide a "meeting place" for those of us who grew up in the Bronx, who feel that the Bronx instilled a karma in us that we carry, for better or worse, to this day. It's an online service to be used to find old friends, talk about the old neighborhoods, and keep our Bronx heritage alive. This board is intended to serve former Bronxites. This is a privately-owned and operated online service.

    Here is what this message board is not intended for:

  2. How To Read Messages and Follow-Ups

    Initially, The BRONX MESSAGE BOARD lists all of the currently available messages under the "Announcements" box. Original messages are listed in chronological order, with the most recent at the top. Each entry lists the subject, the author, and the date it was posted. There's also a number in parentheses to the right that represents the number of follow-ups, or responses, to the original message. Follow-up messages are listed directly below the corresponding original message.

    Messages in the list are indented to keep "threads" of messages together. In other words, when someone posts a response to a message, the response heading will appear indented beneath the message to which it's related. If someone posts a response to that message, then that response will be indented beneath the original response, and so on.

    To read the text of any message or follow-up, click on its highlighted subject. This will display all of the details of the posting and the text of the message.

    A message may contain an email link to the author. If you click on the author's highlighted name, you can email her/him directly, provided that your browser supports this function.

    You may always return to the list of current messages by clicking on "Nostalgia Message Board" or by using your browser's "Back" button.

  3. How To Post A New Message

    You must be registered to post messages or responses. Here is where you register.

    To post a new message, click on the "START NEW TOPIC" link on the left. This will display a message entry form.

    The following is required when posting a message:

    You may enter whatever name you want to identify yourself. It certainly doesn't have to be your full or real name. However, if you want people to take you seriously, we suggest that you use your real first name.
    Email Address:
    This field is used in conjunction with your password to verify that you're registered with The Bronx Board. It should contain your fully-qualified email address, such as "" (without the quotes). Normally, it will not be shown as part of your message. If you want it to be shown, click "Yes" where you're asked "Show Email Address in Post?". If you do click "Yes" , the message will contain an automatic email link to you and display your email address.
    Enter the password that you provided when you registered with the Bronx Board. It will not be displayed when you enter it. If you haven't registered, you may do so now by clicking here.
    Security Code:
    To post a message that begins a new topic, you must enter the letters or numbers that appear in the security code image at the left.
    Alternative Email (optional):
    If you'd prefer an email address other than the one you used to register to be displayed with your message, enter it here. (Note that you must still provide your registration email address and password above.)
    Email Address in Post?
    Clicking one of these three choices determines which, if any, email address will be displayed with your message. The default is always to show no email address.
    This is fairly self-explanatory, no? The subject you enter will appear on the main page as a "pointer" to your message.
    This is where you'll enter the text of your message. Please note that messages must conform to a very specific set of guidelines. Please read the Message Content Guidelines before you post this message.

    Once you've entered everything, you must then click on the "Post Message" button at the bottom. You'll receive a confirmation of what you've done if all goes well. If you're not happy with what you've entered, click on the "Reset" button to clear the data-entry boxes.

  4. How To Post A Follow-Up

    Posting a follow-up is not much different from posting a new message. While you're on the screen that displays a message, click on "Post Followup" to go to the follow-up entry area. The only difference between this and an original message is that the subject is already filled for you (although you may modify it if desired), and that you must click on the "Submit Follow Up" button to post it. Follow-up messages must comply with the same content guidelines as new messages.

  5. Message Audience

    Your message may be seen by anyone who browses this site. Some search engines (like Google or AltaVista) will index all the words it finds at a specific site, and therefore your entry may appear in such an index. While we do allow indexing scans to be done on the Bronx Board's server, we have no control over the resulting indexes. Therefore, if there's anything you don't want to be publicly available, we suggest you save it for email.

  6. Erroneous or Unwanted Messages

    If you post something that inadvertently contains errors, or is a duplicate posting, etc., there is no way for you to correct or delete it. If the problem is troublesome for you, email us at and we'll fix or remove it. Please include the Reference ID ("BXnnnn" that appears in your message at the bottom right) in your note. Otherwise, your message will remain on the board until it "ages" off, which will probably be in a week or two (based on how busy the board gets). Don't worry about typographical or other minor errors unless they affect the meaning of your message.

  7. If You Don't See Your Message After Posting It

    There are two circumstances that this topic addresses: not seeing your message when it's first posted, and not seeing it after you've already seen it at least once.

  8. Terms of Use

    Please read our page entitled "Copyright, Terms of Use, and Legal Statements". That page provides all the details you should know regarding your use of this site. That page may be reached by clicking on the "Copyright" statement at the bottom of any page at this site.

  9. Message Content Guidelines

    This topic also deserves its own page. Please click here to display it.

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