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Whatever happened to John Cullen?

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It was a long time ago and it was bound to happen it treated everybody miserably. Didn't somebody kill him?

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My father, in his retirement, used to tend bar near the end of the subway line at 242nd street. He once found John laying at the base of the train station stairs after someone beat him badly and cut him a few times. My father managed to get him medical aid and, essentially, saved his life. I’m going to guess that was in the mid ‘60s.
He was not the most pleasant guy, but he was a good ally.

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By any chance did that John Cullen originally come from Clay Avenue near 167th Street? Born around 1947-1948?

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The John Cullen I knew was born around 1943-45 and lived on Bailey Avenue in the late 50s and early 60s.

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Thanks. Are you the Jim Kennedy from the class of 1956, St. John's, Kingsbridge? If so, we were classmates.

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I guess we're thinking of different John Cullens, but with the same MO. The John Cullen I knew was famous in our 'hood for trying to break into Sheffield Farms on Webster Ave and falling through the skylight, spending time at Spofford juvvy, then coming out and getting arrested for B&E the same night. Rumor was he was killed in a Bronx bar fight many years later.

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No. That's not me. I'm the JK who lived on 228th. street and yes we were classmates. But I did know John C and he was a terrible human being.

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Hi Jim Are you Marty and Tom's younger brother?

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Vinny, Thanks. Any specifics?

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Is the name John Cullen or could it be John Carmody ? I had a friend, John Carmody, from that area (Kingsbridge west side) who also had similar personality traits. I understand that this John Carmody also died young and was in the habit of getting into fights.

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Hi Jack. Yep! That's me. I don't know if you have been in touch with Marty lately. If not contact me by email,, and I'll give you an update on him. In the meantime say hello from me to your family and 228th. street friends down there. Jim.

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Not me. I went to Visitation and then to All Hallows. My father owned a bar on 236th Street and Broadway across from Kelton’s, Carvel and Joyland.

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No. John Cullen was a "one and only." However, we did have a John Carmody in the neighborhood, but a totally different person.

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Did your John Carmody have a brother Tom and a sister Hannah ?

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No. He had a sister, Roseann, and brothers Sonny, Tommy and Jimmy.

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Married one of the Dermody sisters from Adrian avenue

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I saw this post by JK: No. That's not me. I'm the JK who lived on 228th. street and yes we were classmates. But I did know John C and he was a terrible human being.

Does anyone know why he said he was a terrible human being? What did he do to deserve that description?

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Ha! I know both of you James and Jim!
Jimmy, my old pal from 238th and James with an older brother (I think) from Mary's candy store on 228th street.

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How about an older brother Marty who worked in Patty's Deli. Candy store was next door.

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