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As a Bronx kid growing up during the 1940s and early 50s, I have fond memories of the convenience of going to my nearest drug store on the northwest corner of Allerton and Cruger Avenues, just a half block walk from my home. Our pharmacist was Mr. Silberfarb and during all those years, we never had any complaints about his service. Our prescriptions were always ready on time and he was very devoted to his job.

Was your drug store also on a corner within reasonable walking distance from your home? I don`t recall any drug store located in the middle of a block during my childhood years, only on a corner! Do you remember your pharmacist`s name? Where was your drug store located? Was it on a corner or in the middle of a block? Any memories to share?

Sammy L. Schwartz

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Yes. There was a drug store on the north east corner of 149th St & Brook Ave. There were two owners, one was Paul, the other Dave. I worked there as a stock boy after school around 1957.

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On the corner of West Tremont Avenue and Davidson Avenue was our pharmacist who we called
Golub's....he took dirt from our eyes....he put bandaids on our scraped knees and he knew all
of us kids on the block. Different times for sure.

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I lived at 166th and Jerome (actually the 1st bldg on Shakespeare Ave). The closest one to me was (and still there) on the corner of 167th and Cromwell Ave. Don't remember the druggist's name but he would also perform minor first aid like splinter removal and getting dirt out of your eye. Nice man.

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Nat Levine, corner of 167th Street and Woodycrest Ave, Highbridge. Mr. Levine was as much a local doctor diagnosing ailments as he was a pharmacist.

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Tow Brothers Pharmacy on the corner of 147th and Brook Ave, I lived diagonally across the street. I remember one occasion when I slammed my finger in a car door. I was about 12 and my mom took me over to the druggist. My finger was bleeding and I felt like I was going to pass out. The pharmacist, can’t remember his name, but still Remember what he looked like, made me put my head down while he treated my finger.

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Our druggist on the corner of 206th & Bainbridge was Dave Seinfield,He was a real mensch and such a nice man we felt that he was part of our family.May he Rest In Peace!You just can't get his kind of service to the neighborhood at a CVS or Walgreens.Very much missed!

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There were 3 drug stores on a corner and within walking distance from where I lived.

Federman's was on the corner of Monroe Avenue and East 175th Street. Mr. Federman also sold soft drinks that were kept in a big ice chest near the front door.

The Medical Arts Pharmacy was on the corner of Monroe and East Tremont Avenue across from the Medical Arts Building on the Grand Concourse - all doctor's offices.

Down the block was another drug store - don't remember the name - on the corner of Anthony and East Tremont Avenue. The pharmacist there took a lot of specs of dirt from us kids' eyes. He sat us on a tall stool and carefully removed the dirt using a Q-Tip. No charge!

All long gone now, and replaced by a Chinese restaurant, a grocery store and a hair-nail salon & spa.

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My drugstore was on Williamsbridge Rd. and Mace Ave. I believe his name was Pat and if you got hurt you'd go to him and he would help you out. Not only did he dispense medicine, he doctored you up. Many people would call him doctor.

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Drug Center corner of Grand and Burnside Aves. I remember 2 packs of cigarettes for 58 cents!!!!! Only 2 blocks away from Harrison Ave. and 180th St.

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One store off the corner of Castle Hill & Gleason was Sten's RX. Always a helpful man who we called Mr Sten though I became aware after he died that it was not his name. Died of a heart attack. Young. The new druggist was a short very nervous man. He had every reason to be nervous since he was held up at a gunpoint a number of times.

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My uncle had his pharmacy on Prospect Avenue in the 1930's--1940's. Our huge family, all living in the area, had a built in medicine cabinet (we paid for the medicine), and medical advice. He later moved to a town in Westchester County and had a pharmacy in the town he lived in. He retired at one point, but grew restless so he bought a pharmacy in the Bronx,on Soundview Avenue. When teenagers would just come into the store,take what they wanted and walked out he sold the pharmacy so that he could be restless again in Mount Vernon.

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Drug Mart one store off the corner on Broadway and 228th St. Owners Sandy Gould, Herb Fuchs and Chet Barton all great guys and also attended to minor ailments. I worked there deliveries et al and in the store part time from age 13 till I got married in 1963. Great memories and thanks for bringing them up.

Reference ID: bx88638

Hi, Joe!

For two years, from 1950 to 1952, I attended P.S.89 on Mace Avenue, off Williamsbridge Road (for 7th and 8th grades). There was a luncheonette on the southeast corner of Mace and Williamsbridge where I and some of my classmates often had lunch during our lunch hour. I am not sure, but I seem to remember that one side of the store had a soda fountain/counter where we sat and ate our lunch. The other side MAY have been a pharmacy "area" which I can`t recall. Do you remember that luncheonette, Joe? If so, was that location also the same place (drug store) which you mentioned in your above response? If not, on
which corner of Mace and Williamsbridge was your drug store located? You got me very curious! Thanks!


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Our corner drugstore was Beacon Drugs at the corner of Olmstead and Starling Avenues, run by a kindly man named Misha. Once, when playing with friends, I got something in my eye that was painful and wouldn't come out. My friends took me to the drugstore and Misha had me sit down in a chair while he removed the foreign particle. That's the kind of personal touch that was common in old neighborhoods of those days. Now, there would be liability concerns, etc. etc.

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There was a Liggetts on the corner of 149th St. & Melrose Ave. There was a drug store on the corner of 177th St. & Castle Hill Ave. Cardinal pharmacy was on the rounded "corner" of Kingsbridge and Valentine. On 163rd St. near Westchester Ave. there was a pharmacy NOT on the corner.

Reference ID: bx88643

Hi, Misterl!

The Sedgwick Pharmacy, up the block from the southwest corner of Sedgwick Avenue and Van Cortlandt Avenue West, was the first (and only) "middle of the block" drug store in The Bronx that I became aware of, after my wife and I, as newlyweds in July, 1965, moved into our new high-rise apartment building on Bailey Avenue. That drug store was our pharmacy until we moved to our present home on Long Island four years later, in 1969.

Best regards,

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The Redox Pharmacy on the corner of East 180th St. and Mohegan Ave. The owner was George..did not remember his last name. Nicest guy. We had a pharmacy closer to home but always seemed to go here with my folks.

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Pugsley Pharmacy on the corner of Pugsley Ave and the Cross Bronx Exp service rd. (E.177th St.)
Tiny little place that delivered nasty tasting medicines to us sick kids with measles and mumps. They even sold cigarettes!

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My pharmacist was Cardinal Pharmacy. It was one the corner of Kingsbridge Rd and Valentine Ave.

Reference ID: bx88655

Levinson's on Zerega Ave on a corner but I don't remember the side street! Next to Parkchester Hospital

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Must have run into you at Silverfarbs.

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Larry.. I`m sure we "crossed paths" at Silberfarb`s Pharmacy, although we may have done that even MORE so in the hallways or on the staircases of P.S. 96 (I was there from 1943 to 1950). Thanks to this wonderful Bronx Board, we have stopped crossing paths!! (LOL)

Stay well and be safe!

Reference ID: bx88666

Joe Elagast - Corner of 241st and Baychester- across from the train yard and Pete's Barber Shop.
Had a soda fountain in the back with the best egg creams and Breyer's Ice Cream.

Reference ID: bx88669

Neither of the two drug stores that we used when living on Bathgate Ave.(50's and early 60's) were on street corners. One was on Tremont Ave. one storefront east of Park Ave. The other drug store was on Third Ave between Tremont Ave. and E. 178st.We moved to Morris Park Ave. in late 1962 and that drug store was on the corner of Morris Park Ave. and White Plains Rd.

Reference ID: bx88677

Crosshill Pharmacy 167th Street and Walton Ave.

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