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Did anyone have milk delivered to your front door while living in The Bronx? We had eight people in my Family so I guess that's why the milk was delivered. It was 6 bottles at a time from Sheffield
Farms. I wonder what it cost, we weren't rich. It tasted better than the milk I drink now.

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I remember opening the lid and spooning out the cream that was on top. Nothing was sweeter. Thanks for the memory.

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My mother worked for Sheffield farms for many years back in the '40s. We used to get milk and seltzer delivered. I pitied the delivery guys that had to walk up 6 flights of stairs when the elevator was not working!

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My Dad worked for Sheffield as a delivery man for many years and then moved over to Knoll Creek Dairy when Shefflield closed. He had a retail route in Throggs Neck and on Friday nights when he had to do a "double load" I'd ride the truck with him. Stand up drive truck - cases of milk rattling...running from house to house with milk and cream and eggs. I was just telling my grandsons about one of my fondest childhood memories... sitting on the back of the truck with my Dad, taking a five minute break and drinking ice cold chocolate milk, watching the sun come up. He was out there in all sorts of weather, every night and never had a sick day. I miss him terribly.

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That was a good post, Doc.

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That was a beautiful post Doc. Before your time Sheffield used to be on the corner of 134 St. & Willis Ave. I lived on 134 St. and could smell the nice country odor of the horses in their stables.

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A truly uplifting and heartwarming post, Doc! May your memories of your Dad and the experiences you shared with him during your growing up years, be forever unbroken!


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And of course you would write up your order on a piece of paper, roll it up, and stick it in one of the empties you were putting out.

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I worked at the old Sheffield building on West 57th street for many's the CBS Broadcast Center. I remember the building had what was called the "RR" level for the freight elevator. Turns out it was a platform for the former NYCRR west side freight line (Now part of the high line). They probably had loaded milk cars there. The basement still had remnants of what were stables.

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I worked in that building. Did not know that!

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I worked in the basement at the labs...the stalls were located down the hall from us...what a brick cavern that was.

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CBS Labs?

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Not the labs in Stamford, but we did work with them...the network had its own engineering lab in the building where equipment was prototyped, and manufactured items were evaluated and put through the wringer to be accepted for the network and affiliates. Lots of reports and bench test was for a new small frame synch unit...supposed to be great for use in the field such as sporting events. One senior engineer said give it the drop test a newbie I had no clue..he took the unit with it in the shipping case and threw it down the hall. He said take it out and see if it didn't. Back to the manufacturer with comments...the next one passed. Large motherboards do not survive truck loading.

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I worked there while they we "colorizing" studio 52(I think it was)...

I was wiring racks and rewiring the connectors on the Phillips color cameras.
Small world.

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Those PC camera cables were crazy. Glad I never had to repair one. Wasn't Studio 52 the Ed Sullivan theatre? I remember the control room was covered in mu metal to protect it from the EM fields coming from the subway substation next door. Studios at the Broadcast Ctr were numbered from 41-46 I believe. 46 was dedicated to WCBS TV for news.

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