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I think the rules allow us to discuss Fordham Rd. because it's still in The Bronx and it's part of our past. It was upsetting to me to hear about the current destruction by looters because of my many wonderful memories of that area.( If the Admin agrees with you, they'll delete the post. They didn't delete the RIP post.)

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I don't think it was taken away--there were ethnic and demographic changes, and the stores change accordingly. But as far as I personally am concerned, if it doesn't have Alexanders, Krum's, Jahn's, Bobkoff's, Music Makers and Cousins, just to mention the Paradise (as a movie thear)--it just ain't Fordham Road!!!!!!!!

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My sense is that the poster was referring to the horrific looting of stores that serve the community. Not demographics, etc.

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