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I was there 57 to 61, by then nuns were on top floor. We played baseball on the Ack behind the school. Its how to learn to hit up the middle. Sister Ann Regis watched from the Convent area.

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I went to PS 26, and normally walked north to Burnside, and then to University. Found at some point I could shortcut by going across the Aqueduct. That may have been at the Nuns home, since eventually I was told not to go through the Holy Spirit property.

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I had older siblings and remember that! My earliest memory is when the convent was being converted to the top floor of the school. I Used to Take the elevator up to the convents waiting room for Sr. fortunata. I used to accompany her on her errands. Nuns were not allowed to roam the neighborhood unless accompanied by another. I had to sign her out!

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