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I think there was a Riviera Restaurant on East Tremont near Bruckner Blvd. Is that where this is?

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No,not Tremont. That's City Island Ave, A bit past mid Island. The "famous" part might be the fact that across the Ave. is where the America cup winning ship was built.That is of course this is not a "trick" and it's in OHIO. BTW,that gin mill later became a large restaurant/catering

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You're talking about Minnefords Shipyard on City Island, which was where the Courageous yacht was built and won the Americas Cup in 1974. But as far as I recall as far back as 1956, there was no such bar across from that shipyard. It may have been somewhere else on the island or demolished before then.

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Hi. Well,in my mind,that's past (going toward the end) Winter St..The ship yard was also past that.Whatever,that's near the bar, later restaurant

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That doesn't look like any place on City Island that I recall. My Dad had a boat there in the fifties and sixties.

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Looks like you got it right John. If I'm allowed to add this, I looked at that spot now and there's an Asian restaurant there now. I guess the goodfellas stopped going.

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