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Mine was when my cat jumped up on the dining room table and ran off with a turkey wing. Later that evening, I gave her cranberry sauce which she loved. From that year on we put a wing and the sauce in her bowl every Thanks Giving.

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This was an event that my Aunt Marge did. She put the cooked turkey on the back porch to cool off. A stray cat had a small feast on it before she could stop it. She trimmed a few edges, served it and never said anything to anyone for years after that Thanksgiving.

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Our local supermarket sold melmac place settings for 99 cents and my mom needed 2 more for dinner guests. They only had 1 set left the day before Thanksgiving and she was pissed off and complained to the manager who said sorry but that's all they had. While she was leaving the store with the last set, a cashier came to her and gave her another one. She said don't tell the manager because he was holding a bunch of them in the back for himself. My mom kept those dishes until she passed away.

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Melmac! I haven't heard that word in 50 years. Brings back memories. Thanks for the story.

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Here is a not-so-hilarious Thanksgiving happening: this morning,
my wife prepared the turkey, put it in the meat therometers,and
put it in the oven. We were ready for the the family to come over and enjoy a 17 1/2 lbs Butterball turkey,al the fixings; however, that was not to be. After, 1/2 hour the the meat therometer burst and left pieces of glass in the oven and on the turkey. We couldn't take a chance of ingestining glass slivers, so I had to throw out the turkey. Nothing halarious about this occurrence.

Well, enjoy your Thanksgiving

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Mike to Joe C,
Joe, that's a helluva sad story, but you did the right thing; ingesting glass slivers would have been dangerous. But, here's my question: what did everyone do for dinner as a result of this mishap?

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We went to my son's house for dinner.

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She handled it well.....I would have done the same!!!! And I wouldn't have told anyone until ten years past.

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