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233 St possibly at Barnes Ave?

Reference ID: bx87690

I don't remember any buildings that tall on 233 St east of White Plains Rd. But I also think that's the neighborhood of the photo.

Reference ID: bx87693

I originally thought this was West Gun Hill near Van Cort Park but the intersection is too wide. It's interesting to see that no Sherlocks have piped up this time.

Reference ID: bx87696

Gun Hill and Bainbridge.

Reference ID: bx87697

Definitely not Gun Hill Rd. in the Norwood area, although I have no idea where it is. Interesting that the big commercial street in the photo appears to be one-way.

Reference ID: bx87698

Looks like Morris Ave and 167 St. Mott JHS would be on the right behind the trees.

Reference ID: bx87705

161 Street at Melrose Avenue. The photo is looking down Melrose and that's 161 St on the left and right.

Reference ID: bx87706

I agree about the absence of the usual web sleuths jumping in to be first. It's nice to see all the different guesses about where this is. Looks like a few different people have piped in. It's classic classroom dynamics - when the "me first me first" hands are not immediately raised, others are more willing to speak up. I don't have the foggiest idea where that is. But I love that little black van on the street. It's what the retro Chrysler PT Cruiser was modeled after.

Reference ID: bx87709

Web Sleuthing is prohibited. Nobody wants to have any fun.

Reference ID: bx87712

If I don't know the answer,I don't. If i do I jump on it,why not. This one I have no idea. Three story apts. are in short supply. No less than with a "hottie" door covering. And then to run into a two story building.

Reference ID: bx87714

I think the issue is not if you know the answer. It's if you don't know it from personal experience and then run around using web tools and apps to ID it just to be the one who got it first. But whatever, this one has me totally stumped.

Reference ID: bx87715

I think it's the intersection of McDougal St and Ambrose Ave somewhere in the Bronx. I really have no idea where the picture shows I just want to prove I'm not sleuthing. I'm embarrassed that so many times I have no idea what area the picture shows so I think I will sleuth to just to gain recognition on the board. I forgot to add I also lie a lot. Finally, it will make people realize the fool I am for sleuthing.

Reference ID: bx87723

Hi, Ellery!

After being unsuccessful in finding this photo`s Bronx location (since it is in Brooklyn) Sherlock decided to return to Scotland Yard in London where he is always successful at solving mysteries WITHOUT web-sleuthing!!! (LOL)

Best wishes for the holidays!

Reference ID: bx87728

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