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Did anyone ever play "I declare war"?

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Yes but I don't remember it fully: "I declare war on................" Then you pick a state or a country or name or something . I forget the details.

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There was a huge circle that we made out of chalk in the middle of the street. You picked your country and the circle was divided into sectors with radii. Each sector had your country written in it and you stood outside the circle. In the center of the circle was a small circle with a spaldeen in it. Whoever was picked to start it off would say "I declare war on.....". That person would run in to get the ball while everybody else scattered. After he had the ball in his hand, everybody froze. He then had to throw the ball and hit somebody with it. That person was the next to declare war. That is how I remember it. This was a game that kept us busy during WW1, and of course we only chose our allies.

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WW1 should be WW2.

Reference ID: bx87682

Milton: Great memory.... We had a little different version....same board...but the person who was "it" would say "I declare war on...say...England" and then pound the spaldeen to make it bounce as high as possible. "England" would have to wait until they caught the spaldeen before they said "freeze". They then would throw the ball at one of the other "countries" and if it hit them they were then "it".
Isn't it amazing that the wonderful games we either made up or were passed down from the previous generation of kids made our childhood so wonderful.....God I miss stickball, skully and johnny on the pony (only if you were the pillow...ha ha) !!!!!!

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Yes, that's the way I remember playing it. I wonder how far back the game goes. Maybe to world war I?

Reference ID: bx87685

Yup, that's how we played it on l47th st and Brook Ave.

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I also loved stickball, was always with the boys playing it in the street or PS 27 schoolyard (maybe because I had older brothers). Your memory of Johnny on the Pony stirred up a memory - we would pile on each other and my mother would come down and tell me to stop - "you have to be careful of your ovaries". Had no idea of what that was! But, years later I had four children in six years - ALL IS WELL MOM!

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I graduated PS 27 in 1954. What was your year?

Reference ID: bx87700

I actually went to St. Pius on 145th St. and graduated the same year,1954. But, my brothers went to PS 27 and graduated in the late 40's. They were 6 and 7 years older than me.

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