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Does anyone have a desire to move back to the Bronx even if it's not your old

Before we moved upstate, we considered City Island...but it got way too expensive.

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I have a bucket list wish to re-visit the apartment I grew up in back in the 1950's and '60's.
It's still there. A pre-war built in 1927. Plaster walls, tiny kitchen, nine foot ceilings old wiring and a painted-shut dumbwaiter. (lead paint to boot)
Probably has been renovated a few times since the mid 1970's
Moving back? No way. I'd have trouble climbing up five flights of stairs at my age. Our building on Gleason Ave. was five stories with no elevator.

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Back then I understood the rule was if the building ONLY had 5 floors/stories up the elevator was not a must. It was a hell of a workout for the parents. You were on the other side, south of the cross Bx expressway. Right ? I drove through Gleason ave last month and could not believe how much traffic was on all streets.

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Yes. Just South of the Cross Bx. Corner of Pugsley Ave. East of White Plains Rd.
St. Helena Grade and High School. 1971. My Aunt & Uncle and cousins lived at 2235 Gleason. As kids we frequented old Leo's candy store on Castle Hill Ave.

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I had an opportunity in 1987 to buy a co-op in Riverdale overlooking the Hudson river. It was a small one bedroom for about $90,000. I was living on Long Island and thought this was a great opportunity to move back to my beloved Bronx and live in a safe area. My wife had no desire nor would she look at this place. Her Idea of The Bronx was of a slum. Years later we stopped at a diner on our way back from skiing upstate. She asked where we were and I told her Riverdale. She said OH MY GOD this is beautiful I'd love to live here. OH WELL.

Reference ID: bx87713

It's too bad you couldn't persuade her to visit the area at the time. I bet what was $90K is not
over 300K......I would have been happy in City Island but it got too expensive. I gather you're
staying put in Long Island??

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For the time being.. Bronx is in my memory and rear view mirror.

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