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I went to PS6. My home was across the street. So I never really ate lunch in school. But god, the smell coming from their kitchen would have rats running.Why was the 50s school food so stinky/bad.Today,the kids get at least some-what decent stuff.Back then ,as a kid,I thought that maybe the school was using old WW11 C rations

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I, too, never ate lunch in grade school--my mother would meet us on 231st Street, which was halfway between the school and our home, and we would have deli, or go to a local diner or to a pizza place. But I DID have lunch in junior high (as everyone did), and it was utterly horrible. The only good things were the desserts--pineapple cheese cake and cocanut custard pie. The rest was awful.

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Was one of the places Arthur's Diner?

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I lived two short blocks from PS 28 and went home for lunch every day. I remember the smell coming from the school cafeteria - BAD!

In September, during the Jewish holidays, those of us who were not Jewish were placed together into one classroom . We were given small containers of milk that were left over from the lunchroom and were starting to turn sour. No one dared to say anything to the teacher that was in charge. We reluctantly drank it using skinny little straws. A cracker with it could have helped.

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PS87 1949 thru 1954 words cant describe how bad the food was. Some kind of yogurt sandwich's. And the crankiest lunch lady's. PS76 was better. I think someone was making a few bucks.

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I lived across the street from PS96, and went home for lunch most days. The "aroma" from the lunch room was to say the least... Nauseating!

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I think that's what it was called, on the south side of 231st Street.

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Sorry I posted this answer on the wrong subject.

Going north on Broadway on the next corner of Broadway just past the Post Office behind St, John's school on Godwin Terrace.

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NW corner of B'way and 230th St.

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There was a small place called Ribner's on Bdwy's NE corner sort of. First was the Pork Store, then a liquor store and then the place I am talking of. It was run by an old Hewish guy. The Jewish deli was on the south side of 231st. Pizza place was up the street on the corner. Luhr's was known for its ice cream but also served breakfast and lunch. It was on the south side of 231st but on the corner, south east corner. Hope I've helped. Arthur's I've ruled out becauyse you would have met your Mom there and it's closer to 230th but on Bdwy. A lot of kids ate luch there and at Woolworth's.

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Don't forget My Eating Place. A little hole in the wall, between Arthurs and Woolworths. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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