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By Florida, I mean, specifically, the Villages. My wife and I are considering renting, not buying, in the Villages to escape these horrendous (worse, as we get older) Central New York Winters. I have read other posts where Bronxites have mentioned the Villages as their home, and so I would welcome any reviews from anyone who
has lived there for awhile. Thanks in advance!

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We have lived in The Villages for 3+ years. we find this the most comfortable living since we are married 54 years.

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I have no proof....I do not live in Florida......and for you this may or may not matter......
I am a political junkie.....and my eye caught this in some article and then I was told
this by someone who lives there....that the Villages were strongly republican...if you
are comfortable with this, then that's fine....if you find people who live there, and you
care about this issue, ask them...they are at least giving first hand information.
Whatever you decide, I wish you good luck.

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My wife and I have lived in The Villages for 17 years and have loved every minute of it. We stopped to visit close friends, also from The Bronx and liked it so much that 2 months later we bought a home. It is a wonderful place to live and we intend to stay here till our final days. It has everything you could imagine and more sports, many clubs, activities of every kind, a huge theatre featuring Broadway shows and stars as well as local talent and may more, to many to list. One thing it is a massive complex which spans an extremely large area but since it is comprised of many villages it makes each village like just your own small neighborhood. Finally two of sisters and their husbands and two of my Bronx friends and their wives also live here.

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Keep your bias political comments to yourself.

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Florida is a Republican stronghold but The Villages has a strong Republican, Democratic, Independent presence as well as other groups. They march in parades together, join clubs together, party together, have a strong veteran presence and mingle and discuss problems without any turmoil. My fellow Villagers are all patriotic and can discuss many pertinent problems with each other without any problems. I only wish the rest of the Country could do the same.

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What a ridiculous reply about politics. Please stay up north.

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Going north on Broadway on the next corner of Broadway just past the Post Office behind St, John's school on Godwin Terrace.

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I just returned from visiting an old friend from Andrews Avenue who now lives in The Villages. My wife now wants to move there. We both got a kick out of my friends address on Edwards Lane which is the name of another boyhood friend, Edward Lane

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