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I posted this on the Bronx Board many years ago. It's my tribute to the fond memories I have of growing up in the Bronx... enjoy.

(An Open Letter To Fellow Bronxites)

Let your mind travel back to the Bronx days of old.
Of kids climbing Winter stairwells that were often too cold.
We’d “hang out” on the front stoops and the “Super” would say….
Whadayadoin?… get the hell away!

Comin’ home at 3 PM everyday after school...
To “hang out” with friends and just act cool.
Sure, our parents were strick, but we kids were no fools.
We listened to their advice, towed the mark, obeyed their rules (well, most of the time).

Stickball, Scully, and lotsa’ other schoolyard games.
So many friends… parents couldn’t even remember their names!
Whacha-doin layder? We would say…
Nuttin’ much… meecha’ in the schooyard to play!
Didn’t need much money for everyday fun.
Friendships were valued… yeah, “One on One”.
Hell, today’s Bronx neighborhoods… they just aren’t the same.
Nobody even knows anyone’s name.

But those were the days back in our “Old Bronx” borough…
When neighborhoods thrived amid mixed cultures thorough.
Ya’ comin’ down, or watt? Your buddies would screee-em.
Not a day would pass where you didn’t wanna’ see ‘em.
Those days are not gone, they’re still in each of our minds.
With thoughts very vivid…. well, some of the time.
Ya’ know, many of those old friendships today still ring true.
I can attest to this… I still have a few.

Wouldn’t change anything now even if I could.
‘Cept goin’ back to Little League bats made outta’ wood.
Those vivid Bronx memories are great there’s no doubt.
Hey, just make no mistake of watt ahm tawkin about…
Those days of hangin’ out in “the neighborhoods”… hangin’ with our pals,
Days spent in the Bronx, with our buddies and our gals.
All that this little rhyme is tryin’ to say,
Is that the memories of the “Old Bronx” are still with us today.

So drift back to those days and let your mind float away.
To sun, sand, and bathing suits… the Rooftop, Orchard Beach, Coney Island, Far Rockaway.
Times that are gone but certainly not forgotten.
Some memories sweet, maybe some that are rotten.
But one thing’s for certain… one thing’s for sure.
We all miss those days of innocence… days sweet and pure.

In closing I’d like to reiterate my case… of a wonderful time (era) and a beautiful place.
You see no matter what the fates may deal us… No matter how the chips seem to fall….
Those memories of our “Old Bronx Neighborhoods” will always be our best memories of all!
We share a common denominator… we “Bronxites” many.
Here’s hoping your memories will always be as vivid as mine.
Best Regards from Tremont and University… DA BRONX FOREVER!!!


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Terrific poem ! Did you compose it ?

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Thank you so much for echoing what the rest of us remember and feel. Those memories, those streets and the values we learned on them helped make us into the people we are today. Here is one I wrote about another aspect of our life in the Bronx....


No one knew
That lilacs grew
By the street’s edge
‘Neath the sill’s ledge.
No one knew.

No one knew
Of the sweet scent
That heaven sent
While we talked
On the sidewalk.
No one knew.

No one knew
That the Bronx had flowers
And lovely sun showers
That nourished them all
Until the start of fall.

No one knew.

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Your poem expresses what we (our generation) remember how it was growing up in the Bronx. Compared to today's Bronx, our generation was an "Age of Innocence"; your poem brought back fund memories of those, long, long ago times. Thanks

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Yep... it's a hobby of mine to write humerous poems :>) Kenny

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A truly wonderful Bronx poem which brings back great memories that make me very proud and grateful to have grown up there. Many thanks Ken!

Sammy L. Schwartz

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That was great!

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