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I'm very well aware that web sleuthing skills are unwelcome in the Mystery Photo category. But why is that? The BB admin is looking for our memories, but the Bronx is a huge county, densely populated represented by many ethnic groups and cultures that make our Bronx so unique. My memories of the Bronx go back 58 years. I left the Bronx in 1974 at the age of 13 and my memories are limited to the surrounding neighborhoods of my youth. I've learned since then there's more to the Bronx than just the Morris heights,University hHeights ,Fordham and Yankee Stadium.(my Bronx world). I've enjoyed the Mystery photos and the challenges that they have brought. It's been a wonderful education of the place I called home, in my heart, to this very day. So please excuse me if I "violate" the rules and educate myself by "web sleuthing" to enlighten myself to the beautiful places that I've never experienced in this great borough of ours that have been featured in the Mystery Photos. I can't believe people have nothing better to do than write letters to rat out the web sleuthers. What a waste of time and stamps. I will continue to web sleuth but i will not post my findings. I think web sleuthing makes it the whole adventure fun and opens up a whole new world to places that we've never experienced. This is the 21st century and the rules in the streets have changed because time has changed. Just my opinion on this matter. Hope no one was offended.

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Hi. If your just flying through pages of old photos,that's stupid and wrong. If you think that you KNOW the photo/area,and want to back up your thinking (through what-ever net you have),maybe that's cool.I have taken to adding small foot notes as to why I know what I think I know.A slot machine is a game,this is a part of Bronx life.

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Just to be clear, I web sleuth if I don't know but I won't post the answer on BronxBoard. What bothers me are the people crying to the BB admin like it's a crime.

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I don't think there's anything wrong with you getting educated via the web. Obviously no one would know or care. I assume the BB's issue is with the people who are compelled to be first to identify the photos with no actual knowledge of the street or area. It's a very juvenile act. If you don't know where it is, go right ahead and search from here to Timbuktu to find the answer, no one cares a fig. But why shout out the answer and spoil the fun for those who might try to recognize it from their past? It's kind of like shouting out how a magician finds someone else's card.

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I don't see anything wrong.

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That's exactly my point. The other issue I have is certain people write letters to the BB admin to anonymously complain. We'rre all adults on the Board. You have a problem. Get on the board and put your name to it. Real Bronxites have guts.

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I agree with you 100 per cent.

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