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Looks like the south side of Bedford Park Blvd (200th St) between the Concourse and Jerome Ave,

Reference ID: bx87633

Soundview just south of Westchester ave. Maybe.

Reference ID: bx87635

I believe you are right. accross from St Philip Neri playground and home of the best bakery and deli in all of the bronx in the 50's.

Reference ID: bx87636

I agree with you and Ed, as that was my immediate thought as well. The Concourse underpass would be at the right edge of the photo.

Reference ID: bx87637

It is Bedford Park going toward the # 4 train. The road next to the train leads to Lehman College.
On the South Side of Bedford Park there was a family owned pizzeria, many years ago a well known German Deli.

Reference ID: bx87638

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