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Articles and videos in papers and TV today showing people dancing down the steps to Jerome Ave imitating the famous scene from the movie, Rocky.

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It;s a scene from the new Joker movie.

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I know but the point is all these years later it was prompted from the scene in Rocky.

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Actually, it was between Jerome (at the bottom) and
Anderson Avenue at the top, at about 167th Street.
The news report got Shakespeare Ave wrong.

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Was there an A&P near the bottom of the stairs on Jerome Ave?

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The Steps that are causing all the Hip are in My old neighborhood of HighBridge. The Stairs run down From Anderson Avenue to the Bottom on Shakespear Avenue. These are the stairs being use in Movie with the Joker. There are about4 or 5 other set of similar stairways in HigBridge. In fact there is a stairway from Shakespear Avenue to Jerome Avenue. I played on them all.

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The steps were used in the current popular film, "The Joker, and extend from between 1161 and 1165 Shakespeare Avenue at the bottom to Anderson Avenue and West 167th Street at the top. Amazingly, tourists from around the world are traveling to see them, much as they did in 1973, when the steps in Georgetown were used in the climax of "The Exorcist."

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My apartment was on the 3rd floor of 1161 Shakespeare and overlooked the steps.

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The steps actually went down to EL Grant Hwy, not Jerome Ave. The closest A&P was on 166th and River Ave.

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