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Not in the Bronx but in Maryland. My ancestor was sentenced to be hanged in the especial court in Frederick County on August 22, 1768 and was hanged on September 1, 1768. He was a convict servant and the property of John Hobbs. Not to be discouraged my ancestors returned the US in the early 20th century and settled in the Bronx.

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Hi, John!

The fact that you can trace one of your ancestors whose life was cut short by the hangman`s noose more than 250 years ago, is quite remarkable! My American/Manhattan born paternal grandmother`s parents (my great-grandparents) emigrated to New York City from Posen, Prussia (then part of Germany, now a city in northern Poland) during the 1860s when the American Civil War took place. Her uncle (my great-granduncle) also came during that time and became a soldier in the Union Army ("The Grand Army Of The Republic") to serve his new country! Although he settled in Paterson, New Jersey after the war, his many relatives including my grandmother (his niece) eventually moved from Manhattan to The Bronx during the early years of the 20th century.

Thanks, John, for a most interesting post!

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Sammy, I was able to go back to 1508 with my namesake. On my mother's, quite interesting to say the least. Aside from the hanging of the 1768 relative, I also learned that another member of my mother's family was active during the Irish Rebellion. He was a Commander in the Royal Irish Constabulary and headed a unit called the Tudor Tigers, an Intelligence squad, whose mission was to hunt down and kill members of the IRA. Specifically, IRA leaders in Dublin during the Easter Rebellion and they said of him- freewheeling attitude to legality since he found it necessary to be handier with his gun than the gunmen with theirs. I said wow, you couldn't make this stuff up.

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The "Tudor Tigers" had absolutely NO legitimate reason to even be on the island of Ireland ,never mind the fact that they were murdering young patriots who were attempting to free their native land from abominable British oppression.THE UNVARNISHED TRUTH!

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I'm not defending the guy or his actions. My point is - all these years I thought both my parents families were simple, rural farmers that raised a few cows who emigrated to this country in the 1920's. Ironically, I never knew my grandparents since all had passed before I could walk. However, through the internet and genealogy research, you unearth family skeletons you never even knew existed.

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Thanks, John, wonderful response.

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