For displaced, misplaced, and nostalgic ex-Bronxites

Bronx Diary

The Bronx Diary is a collection of narratives written by folks who grew up in the Bronx and are willing to share a special moment of their past with you.

This collection will hopefully help us keep our Bronx heritage alive, and jog some of those memory cells before they fade away into oblivion. If you're willing to reach back and re-animate those memories (wonderful, tragic, funny or sad), you can add your page to our diary. See below for information on adding your "page" to our diary.

June 27, 2021Shut Up or Walk Home by Myles Schulberg
January 13, 2016Mom: A Bronx Woman by Myles Schulberg
December 08, 2015A League of His Own by Isabelle McGuire
June 23, 2015Post-Traumatic Bronx Bargainism by Bob Moslow
February 28, 2015The School That Ruth Built by Bob Moslow
August 12, 2014Bronx House, Social Workers and a Poor Bronx Kid by Judge Sol Gothard
June 03, 2014The Badge by Bob Stein
August 28, 2013The Old Kingsbridge Branch of the New York Public Library by Arlene Baum Rattien
June 28, 2013The Walk by Bob Moslow
November 17, 2011Crotona Park by Daniel Wolfe
July 26, 2011The Race by Bob Moslow
January 26, 2011Ma's Hammer by Daniel Wolfe
May 22, 2009Silver Beach and the Dungeons of Fort Schuyler by William W. Bartsch
March 04, 2009The Chair and Lasting Friendship by Myles Schulberg
December 24, 2008The Secret of the Eye by Ralph De Zago
August 14, 2008Hitching the Ogden Avenue Bus by Bob Abate
March 17, 2008Stickball by Thomas Williams
September 24, 2007Haircuts on Gun Hill Road by Thomas Williams
July 23, 2007The Day I Became A Bronxite by Anthony Albert
June 25, 2007My Grandfather and His Two Bronx Neighborhoods by Raanan Geberer
May 16, 2007The Five-Story Walk-Up: Windows on the World by Thomas Williams
December 14, 2006Ice Skating at French Charlie's by Thomas Williams
November 02, 2006The D Train, What a Ride by Thomas Williams
October 03, 2006Tribute to a Bronx Cousin: Sheldon Metviner by Morton Sinclair Wright
September 06, 2006Growing Up in the Bronx from 1928 to 1957 by John Gaynor
July 24, 2006The Other Side of the Desk by Arthur Feinberg
June 05, 2006Doin' the Census in the Bronx by Raanan Geberer
May 18, 2006The Joys and Sorrows of Being A Yankee Fan by Louis Cubello
April 04, 2006My Highbridge Years - 1951-1964 by Pat Stewart Lorello
March 15, 2006Dad: A Bronx Man's Man by Myles Schulberg
February 22, 2006Hero for A Day by Mel Moskowitz
January 25, 2006Mary in Woodlawn by Mary O'Riordan
January 05, 2006Scorecards Here! by Myles Schulberg
June 21, 2005Movie Memories by Arthur Feinberg
April 11, 2005Vous It Yous? by Myles Schulberg
March 21, 2005The Schoolyard by Arthur Feinberg
February 07, 2005Ration Books and Tokens by Barbara Tomanelli
September 15, 2004The Gauntlet by Arthur Feinberg
June 24, 2004Post-War Bronx Tales by Lloyd Marks
May 13, 2004The Body in The Bronx River by Lou Cubello
April 23, 2004My Summers at Orchard Beach by Lou Cubello
March 23, 2004Moving to Gun Hill Projects by Lou Cubello
January 20, 2004The Stool-Pigeon and The Indian Lake by Irving Bronsky
December 31, 2003This Old Brick House by Carol Dillin
October 23, 2003My Bronx - The Farewell Years - 1939 to 1968 by Joseph A. Constantine
September 04, 2003Buster, Buddy, Blondie, The Bronx and Me by Steven B. Galkin
August 26, 2003Yankee Stadium Vendor by Bob Moslow
August 13, 2003The Junk Lady by Loretta Chardin
July 29, 2003Mr. and Mrs. Shorty by Elima Hall
July 18, 2003A Bronx Irish Catholic Remembers Her Bronx by Pat Gurrell Conway
July 11, 2003My Bronx Oasis by Chris Smith
June 20, 2003Memories of My Life in the Bronx During The 1930's by Joseph A. Constantine
May 20, 2003Memories of My Life in the Bronx During The 1920's by Joseph A. Constantine
April 29, 2003Newly Licensed Driver by Myles Schulberg
December 16, 2002A Corner of the Bronx by Jeffrey Pottberg
November 19, 2002Artie Wagner - A Remembrance by Anthony Albert
November 06, 2002The Draft Card and the Jaywalking Ticket by Myles Schulberg
September 09, 2002The Bronx Will Always Keep My Parents Alive by Annie Poggiano Fico
August 22, 2002Castle On the Hill by Mona Harris Ross & Fred Harris
June 10, 2002Bars and Tracks by Barbara Tomanelli
April 23, 2002The Old Neighborhood by Gregory Christiano
April 04, 2002Merriam Memories by Lloyd Marks
March 22, 2002The 1950s in St. Anthonys Parish by Nancy Keenan-Rich
March 13, 2002Rooftops and Alleyways by John Minners
February 26, 2002Marbles by Sydell Rochman Pascale
November 12, 2001The Best Years of My Life by Jackie Vollrath
October 15, 2001Vendoring At Yankee Stadium by Myles Schulberg
August 28, 2001Echo Park by Lottie Esteban
August 21, 2001Old Kingsbridge Road by Denise Streit
August 07, 2001Around The Block - 167th to 166th Street by Barbara Carew
June 27, 2001Recollections and Reflections by Lloyd Marks
April 25, 2001That Little Puddle by Dave Fecher
February 09, 2001Ooh, Those Sights by John Mitchell
January 29, 2001Memories of the Bronx and Days Long Past by Len Vivolo
January 18, 2001See A Penny, Pick It Up by Norm Kossoff
January 15, 2001I'm From the Bronx by Aileen Williamson
January 08, 2001Joe DiMaggio: Down Memory Lane by Jimmy Flynn
December 12, 20002356 Grand Concourse by Cara Lewis Cobb
November 28, 2000Bronx Days With Me and My Dad by Lainie Freeman Harman
November 13, 2000The Depression Years 1930 - 1942 by Vincent Palazzo
September 13, 2000A Reluctant Returnee to the Bronx by Leslie Neyer-Kapel
September 01, 2000Across the Park by Earl Carter
August 30, 2000Bronx Characters by Bob Balogh
August 29, 2000My Beloved Bronx by Beverly Kahler
August 23, 2000A Night at the Zoo by Nadyn Nelson
August 08, 2000Streams of Neighborhood Memories by Gene Ret
June 21, 2000Born In The Bronx by Susan Kulick
June 15, 2000Visiting Grandma and Grandpa by Ellen Bisbano
June 14, 2000My Home by Carol Hughes
May 30, 2000A Stuffed Nose by Pat Wynne
May 24, 2000Silver Beach Remembered by Michael F. Morrissey
May 11, 2000Grandma Rosie's Apartment by Denise Streit
May 10, 2000Fort Apache, The Bronx by Stephen J. Giove
April 25, 2000The Bronx Zoo by Grayce Pedulla Dillon
April 14, 2000Addiction to Egg Creams and Early Childhood by Larry Korman
April 10, 2000I Remember Mindel by Leslie Neyer-Kapel
April 07, 2000The Concourse by Susan Smith
April 06, 2000The Blind Date by Norm Kossoff
April 05, 2000My Bronx by Bob Balogh
April 04, 2000Recollections of Summer, 1936 by Doreen Brand
April 03, 2000Only In The Bronx by Mel Moskowitz
March 31, 2000Remembrances by Ed Jacobi
March 30, 2000The Bronx Riviera by Stephen J. Giove
March 29, 2000A Walk in the Park by Mindi Weissman-Marra
March 28, 2000The Trolley Ride by Norm Kossoff
March 27, 2000A Lot of Fun by Michael J. Garber
March 26, 2000Born in Da Bronx on November 21, 1935 by Larry Korman
March 24, 2000Ace, and Nonna Lucia's Phantom Strufoli by Azar Attura

Information for submissions:

  • Your narrative must be original. It may not be published elsewhere in any form.
  • Your submission must be a file created by any standard word-processor, such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, WordPerfect, etc. or as plain text. Please do not include web formatting (HTML) with your story.
  • Content should be as detailed as possible. Share your feelings, and include all the "local color" that other Bronxites will recognize. Use real names of places. We're looking for visual descriptions, narrations of memorable events, and the incorporation of as much Bronx-related material as possible.
  • Your story may be fiction or non-fiction. Please indicate which it is.
  • Avoid or minimize discussions of present issues, comparisons or circumstances. Keep your story in the past.
  • Stories should be a minimum of 1,000 words in length. Longer, more substantial stories are preferred.
  • A detailed narrative of an event, a person or a place is preferred over list-like collections of random memories. We also like insights into and analyses of past Bronx culture and ideas.
  • Scanned photos (to accompany your narratives) are very welcome.
  • We do not guarantee that your submission will be published. If your submission is accepted for publication:
    • It will be edited before publication. Editing may range from simple grammatical corrections to deletions, additions or restructuring of entire paragraphs.
    • Your name will be published in the "by line" unless you request anonymity.
    • You'll be notified by email as soon as it goes online.
    • Your published story becomes the property of SofTech Consulting, host and owner of The Bronx Board.
    • No compensation will be tendered for your accepted and published entry.

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